Friday, February 22, 2008

Two new kitties already spayed

I am posting pictures of two new young females that Danica managed to get fixed - they are currently in the shelter recovering well. The rest of the pictures are mostly regular shelter tenants - new photos though, and also one brand new kitty face that showed up - it is the one outside, eating with the black one. I do not understand how Danica keep track of them!

The white beauty is Ciarra - Bella; the story goes like this: few years ago Danica found her half dead , with a nail in part of her head. She urgently took her to the vet, where she was taken care of, and fortunately, her brain was not injured. Danica took care of her for months and months, days and nights, and eventually found a wonderful home for her! She visited her very recently and took some pictures.

By the way - Danica spent $ 220. on two operations, and food that Viktor brought from Hungary. Fortunately, she is expecting a donation.

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Anonymous said...

$$$ has been a little tight here, business slow. I will try to send something substantial as soon as possible.