Monday, March 10, 2008

News from the shelter...and a big Thank you to Mr. Paul Neve!

I am posting many new pictures with some news. First,one of the newly spayed females (with beautifully brimmed eyes), has a post surgery infection and must take antibiotics; the other one, the gray one, is fine. Also, Okac is under antibiotics, so that his poor eye calms down a little bit before new operation; also, Zule, the older yellow cat, must have his teeth cleaned, and probably several of them pulled. He has been in some pain. Then,one stripe tom recently caught has been fixed, and a new one, black and white, ready to be fixed this week.

Very important: all the shelter tenants that were due for rabies vaccine - were vaccinated!

Danica has gotten a lot of food from Viktor,from Hungary, but fortunately she has had a donation coming, and with my regular monthly money, she will be able to cover big part of it. She is expecting a couple of new donations, so the rest will be covered as well! The thing is that Viktor would wait, but vet does not like to wait...

There is one more pregnant female that Danica has not managed to catch yet, which is a big problem, because, if that cat gives birth to kittens....Danica is even scared to think. The shelter is full (actually overcrowded), and there are cats in Danica's apartment. She can not afford new kittens.

Last, but not the least: I would like to publicly thank and Mr. Paul Neve, because without his generous help, his goodness,his unselfishness, without his willingness to not only link this blog to his fabulous web site but to mention it by name, and encourage people to visit this blog - Danica would not have friends and donors she has today. Thank you Mr. Neve, and forgive Danica that among all the kitties that she has been taking care of - there not a single Kitler yet. But, she is not losing hope.As soon as one appears with the little mustache, she will let you know.

So the pictures show from top down:
newly fixed tom called Kajac
another new tom to be fixed this week
the gentle beauty whose wound from spaying does not heal that well
good Okac who is waiting for yet another eye surgery
bunch of blue booklets for every and each cat proving they had fresh rabies vaccination
... and the rest is food, and some regular , old tenants in boxes...


Anonymous said...

I also say a huge thanks to Paul Neve, a kind-hearted animal-loving soul; without him, many of us "Novi Sad Cats" fans would never have known about the site.

Also sending best wishes for the health of the poor sick kitties. Hope that you are able to catch the elusive pregnant kitty, that poor Okac's eye will be fixed by this new operation, and that the rest of the bunch does well.

All my best,


Anonymous said...

I can't find a link to make a donation to the Novi Sad shelter. Is there a link somewhere?