Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Several very sick cats

Several kitties have some horrible virus and Danica needs to take three of them EVERY DAY on the bike to the vet for the shots. It is not pneumonia, but not much better either, and it also causes their little noses to bleed...Poppy, the beauty with rimmed eyes is better, but Kajac, newly neutered male, is really sick, and so is another older male, Garazni. Also, an older female cat named Bezimena, long time shelter resident, has disappeared. In spite of all the problems she has with them, she always gets literally sick when a kitty vanishes...

It will be very hard to pay for all the vet bills this month.

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Suzanajana said...

It is so hard not being able to save them all, but I hope Danica knows that what she has done for those cats has been a miracle.