Saturday, April 19, 2008

New pictures, but no good news

Unfortunately, I still do not have much good news from the shelter - as you will see from the pictures, Garazni is still sick, although he has been given medicine, and everything else that Danica can possibly provide for him. His little nose is still a wound.

There is a pregnant female that is impossible to catch, and a black male that Danica caught and will neuter. He is the one alone in the photo, his head in the bowl of food.

The other are so-so... Kind of a hard period for the shelter, really. I am sending money tomorrow via Western Union, as always, and in it is a generous donation from a lady called Diane. Also, there is Pauline in Canada who will help with the food supplies , that are, by the way, also scarce these days. Not very nice spring this year.

I have also been busy so much at home with different things (some of them quite unpleasant), that I was not able to call her often. However,at this point I think that she is braver, more courageous, tougher, stronger, better - then anybody I have ever known.

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