Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two black toms... and other news

Danica has managed to catch (do not ask how) two strong, young black toms, and had them fixed. Also, Garazni is better, at least his little nose is not bleeding any more that severely (he is the one licking his paw on the lowest photo)...New young female - the one that was pictured on a tree, was also caught and is going to be spayed...This all means that she was spending more money then she had at the moment , but the operations were/ are crucial, and I, somehow, managed to send money two times in this month (with the generous help of some of Danica's donors).

Poppy - the one with the beautiful rimmed eyes, is fine, but seems not to want to leave her cage, as does not Kajac, a male neutered last month. No wonder, knowing what they had been through...Now, there is another kitty who is pregnant, and Danica is working on her . The cat must be operated on before too late. Yellow stripe one, Zlatan, who had a wound on his tigh, now has another one on his chest. Not too bad.

These past two months were very hard : many surgeries, many unexpected wounds...and a lot of food, of course. If anyone can help with a donation, please do so.

Danica is so busy with trying to prevent spring kittens, that she has not time to be tired...She has all the reasons in the world for that, but has not time. Hungry kitty mouths all around her, and constant efforts to keep the population down.

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Anonymous said...

Great work, Danica, in catching those three black cats! It's good to see Garazni's little nose looking better, too. How does poor Zlatan keep getting those wounds?

As always, hang in there and do the best you can--that's all any of us can do!

All my best,