Saturday, June 21, 2008

Situation has calmed down little bit

Danica is feeling little better after the ugly accident, except that she is still dizzy. She went to see the doctor and he said that she might be dizzy for couple of weeks. If she does not have bad headache, or unless her sight is getting worse, she should be OK.

As to the kitties: the weather is better, and, it is nicer to be outside and, well, make good friends - as you will see on the photos.

There is also Chris who Danica started calling Prince - because he does not like anyone, he is not impressed with anyone but himself, it seems. And very finicky eater.

Zule - the big yellow , stripy male cat that has been with Danica since his kittenhood, showed such a kitty concern just after the accident - Danica says he would wrap himself around her painful head, and purr loudly, kneading her gently. he would not leave her side for days.

Danica says a thing like that (and similar behaviours from her cats during all these years),are reward enough for everything she has been doing for them. Love. Unconditional love.True love.

p.s. Still, she needs new bike; whoever can help, is greatly appreciated. Danica already has a promised donation from Diane

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