Saturday, June 7, 2008

I could not believe something like this exists

Danica found this tiny bundle in the street, alone... She looked and looked for the mother and other siblings, but they were nowhere to be found. She picked it up, and fed it for few days with the injection. She does not know whether it is boy or girl.The good news: she found it a home, already. Danica said it was a good friend of hers who took it, because,as Danica puts it, .. She is as crazy as I am...

Other then that, everything is more or less regular, which means, ordinary everyday problems. But, nothing major.

My cat, Oshkosh, last night brought alive tiny field mouse into the house, played with it, and did not kill it. I tried like crazy to catch it, but could not do it (the ordeal went for hours into the night, and completely exhausted,I went to bed around two in the morning). I was hoping that Oshkosh will kill it during the night , but there is nothing this morning. My cat could not care less (not interested any longer), and I know it is alive in the house. My husband is on the business trip... Anyone has any ideas on how to catch that poor creature and put it outside?

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