Friday, December 5, 2008

After so long....

Dear friends, Danica's computer did not work, and I had no new pictures whatsoever! It has been very long two weeks, and I was extremely busy myself. Finally here are some new photos.

Just to say that little Milance is still at Danica's - we will see what happens. There are some problems with the little one regarding his trip.But, as you may know, she does not mind.

Poppy, the gorgeous young female with rimmed eyes, got killed. Danica was very, very upset and sad.

I sent a monthly donation to Danica, because of the huge vet bills ( as you can see one of the kitties had to visit a dentist). However, now I do not have money to mail the pet stroller I had already bought. The shipping is very expensive, and it will have to wait.

p.s. The last photo on the bottom is of poor Poppy (the one with the little red dish in front of her)
Also, I know many of you have been asking about PayPal : I will have it very soon!!!

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