Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cats in Action

Here's a test to see whether Photobucket works with Blogger. Enjoy watching the clip -- more to come.
On this video that Danica made and Bill posted, you can see Milance playing...You will be able to clearly see how he manages to play , considering the back leggies.

The last photo is the famous one of the two kitties that loved each other so much - the sad news is that he , Oset , disappeared 5 days ago. She is not eating, Danica says, and is very depressed.

Money, as always , scarce. I have had a lot of expenses, and that is why i did not manage to send the pet stroller yet.

As to Pay Pal - coming this Wednesday! For all of you who find it much easier to donate through Paypal, I highly appreciate it in advance.

1 comment:

button bistro said...

I truly hope Milance is going to recover without surgery. Bwt, he is a one active, curious cat!!

Is the gray cat at the last the one I used for my button designs?? She looks so lost and lonely….

Yes, Paypal please!! I want to be one of the person people to donate via Paypal when I still have some money in it =)