Saturday, February 21, 2009

Danica has received several donations, and with my $ 200., this month will bring some joy to her and her kitties.

It is very, very cold over there, and snowy, and it is very hard for her to take some of the sick ones to the vet on the bike. She told me she had to use her car today, which she rarely does, for she has no money for gas. But she had to.

I am posting some sweet photos, and few absolutely beautiful videos that Danica made of her cats. On one of the videos you will see how the cats actually enter the shelter ( through a small opening on the bottom of the door, that moves), and it looks so sweet, but at the same time little sad.

Thank you, every each of you, for everything you donate for this woman and her cause.

And here are some videos of some regular shelter residents interacting with Danica:

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Midori said...

Oh that last video with the surprise in the bag made me laugh! So adorable! Please tell Danica that I thank her for caring for the kitties.

Midori and kitties