Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Very sad

Danica is absolutely desperate: Plavkan, beautiful, gentle Russian blue, that she has been nurturing for years, was adopted days ago; she called today to see how he has been adjusting, and those people tell her: he is gone! She was in total shock!!! She also feels guilty.

She told me she'll go over there tomorrow and she'll try to find him. To make the things worse, it is in Belgrade, ( a good three hour drive).

The worst thing is - these people were not upset at all. They were kind of apologetic, but that was all. They could not understand why she was so upset.

She said: did I save him as a kitten and nurture him so they can just dispose of him!


Midori said...

Poor Danica and poor dear Plavkan! I am very sad to hear this news. Can an advertisement be placed in the local newspaper that he is lost so people will might watch for him? I will hope and pray that Plavkan is safe and will be found very soon.


Midori and kitties

Anonymous said...

This is such sad news! Are the people who adopted Plavkan looking for him at all, or have they just given up or don't care? I hope Danica can go and look for him, maybe he will come to her if he hears her voice? The adopters could also at least make some effort to find him...I don't know why people even let cats outside, with all the information available now on how much it lowers their lifespans, and careless owners are one reason for that!

As stressful as this is, I hope Danica will look for him, and that she will be able to find him and bring him back to a home where he is truly loved. Are there any friends there who could go with her for support and help? I am getting quite angry now at all the stress these insensitive people are causing such a kind, caring person. We will be thinking of Danica and poor Plavkan and hoping for the best.

All my warmest thoughts and wishes,


Anonymous said...

Midori had a very godo idea.. or maybe he is on his way home because he wanted to stay with Danica..
I wish I had some comforting words, I am feeling how she would feel and know I would be the same way...
Our thought are very much with her and Plavkan, maybe if we all concentrate hard we can lead him home...
Our very best guiding thoughts we are sending...