Saturday, May 9, 2009

Silly pictures...

News about Milance: doctor in Belgrade said, since it has significantly calmed down, he would wait the the leggie operation. He said, because Belgrade is not so easy for Danica to go back and forth with Milance (it is three hours drive), they should just give the little one another chance for the stump that gets bad, to heal.

I am , in addition to the news, posting some unbelievable pictures of Oset and Augusta being in love (of course, he is neutered, and she is spayed, but they just adore each other), and some other kitties from Danica's shelter being plain silly...


Karen said...

These pix are so sweet! It's wonderful to see little Augusta with Oset, after his absence a while back. I keep praying for Plavkan, because Oset's reappearance makes it clear that miracles do happen! Will Danica be able to spend some time looking for Plavkan while she is in Belgrade for Milance's surgery? I hope so, maybe he will come when he hears her voice!

All my best,


Midori said...

Oset and Augusta are darling together - true love!

Kitties are so funny finding hiding places to take naps! Very cute pictures!

I will hope that Milance's surgery is successful and he recovers quickly.

All good wishes,

Midori and kitties