Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It is Nada . My mistake.

Yes, it is Nada on those pictures on the previous post. Danica warned me the other day, and I just did not have time to fix it. For some reason, when I was picking the photos from a gallery of Danica's pictures on Photobucket, I pulled that one, and after reading that it is a new one, I did not even check with Danica. Of course, it was a new one then, but I did not see the date.

There are a lot of pictures of Danica's kitties on the Photobucket, I simply made a mistake.

Poor Nada, she was put to sleep many days ago. Not willingly I brought her back to life by mistake. I am sorry.

There is actually a new kitty right now , I am waiting for Danica to e mail me her photo, so that I do not pick the wrong one again from the Photobucket.

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