Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Milance's update

He is still receiving antibiotic treatment , and the surgeon in Belgrade said that he want to wait until Friday's report from the Novi Sad vet, to see when to proceed with the surgery.

In the meantime, the little one is still having really horrible time at the vet, but Danica stresses out that it is not the pain, but the fear.
" He plays at home, as soon as we come back from the vet, he is fine...So I do not think he is in big pain. But, his fear from the vet's office, the smell and the vet is unbearable, both for him, and the staff ", Danica says.

Here are 2 new photos (although they all look alike, because he is almost always resting in his little bedding after vet's visits), and the videos from the two consecutive vet's visits.
Warning: On the first one he peed from fear, and on the other one he pooped, so, maybe some people do not want to see it. Although, it is neither graphic, nor repulsive, it just tells you how poor Milance feels.


Black Cat said...

Milance is such a darling and a real fighter - of his injury as well as the vet! :)xxx

aliciab said...

Poor baby. My cat had the same sort of "accident" at the vet. He made a mess all over their floor. It's just the fear.

I hope Milance gets better very, very soon!

ACE said...

Yes, how well I understand the fear. My Big Bad Baby Twinkle pees and poops and sometimes pukes in her carrier. So now I have a nice soft Puppy Pee Pad taped securely (securely taped, so she does not eat the tape in her fear) to the bottom of the carrier. It works VERy well. And if she poops, well sometime I forget to bring a stool sample so (LOL) her poopy comes in handy. The vet also has two large rest rooms, so I go in there and clean up La Large One to restore her dignity and make her look good for the vet. And although I throw out the used pee pad, clean up the carrier and tape in a new Pee Pad, she is so happy to be going home after the vet visit that she maintains her composure and doesn't pee puke or poop on the way home.

Now I DO know someone whose DOG (80 pounds) does the same thing. Can't be helped. I guess my personal doctor is happy I have no fear of her.