Friday, October 9, 2009

News & little videos

Since Milance does not have to have an expensive surgery right now, and Danica is expecting an answer from Handicapped Pet foundation on the little wheels they might provide for him - she managed to spay/neuter three cats for the money, two of which are the tenants of the shelter, but not completely docile, and hard to trap. The third one is our beautiful, but so temperament Augusta! Danica is very happy - needless to say, because the cats are so much better off, in every aspect, when spayed/neutered.

After the latest turmoil with Milance, this is a period of a relative calm (unfortunately, every time I say this, something bad happens).

For your amusement, take a look at Augusta in a box!!!

And this video is little sad , you can see one of the cats, Tigi, waiting for Danica pretty far from the shelter area, when she was at the vet with other cat. And how he is dodging the cars, and the reason he is safe is that he is following Danica's familiar, beloved voice.


vrti said...

Dear Tigi, he is so cuuuute:)

Midori said...

Little Augusta playing in the box is so adorable! And dear loyal Tigi following Danica's voice. Thank you for sharing the videos.

I too hope it is a period of health and happiness for Danica and the Novi Sad cats.


Midori and kitties

Ruth W said...

Could Danica make or get someone to make Milance a wheelchair like this one? --

or this one? --

This one looks like it could be made from Lego pieces:

There are also ideas at this discussion:

And this one:

And this one: