Thursday, September 2, 2010


Danica says that this little devil, the new one I found when I was visiting, is a real trouble! She is the smallest, and can go through he wires, and everywhere. She upsets the older kitties, provokes them, runs around in circles, and has to be pulled down by Danica all the time from the roof and ceiling wires! And all that, being incredibly cute, of course.


Midori said...

What a darling! Negolina is so cute which is a good thing as she seems to be very mischievous!



Kayla Mae said...

Negolina is absolutely beautiful. And to be so actively mischievous, she must be doing great.

My best,
Kayla Mae

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah, Negolina is an adorable little rascal. less time chatting about how cute the cats are and more time opening your checkbooks and sending some funds to support Danica and her saintly operation in Novi Sad.


Anonymous said...

well said Kayla Mae, a happy cat is a healthy and mischievous cat!

let us create more success stories like Negolina, with $$$ contributions; I am sorry, there is no subtle way to solicit funds for this cause.