Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall is here

The shelter had some absolutely needed repairs and window replacement, because, for those who do not know, Vojvodina has very, very severe winter, not so much the snow every year, but the wind which is hard to describe: freezing, getting into your bones and every part of your house, so if your windows are not tight, there is no furnace that can help you. The new chimney was built, in order to avoid every risk of fire.

This, of course, cost a lot of money, definitely money that can not be covered from the regular donations for the food and medicine. Also, the cat houses still do not have proper heating in them, and these are really high end projects, so everything Danica's friends donate is highly appreciated, and will be spent on the things so necessary for this coming winter to keep the kitties warm.

Again, thank you all to keep coming back to this blog, and Milance Face book page, to check on the cats, Danica and her little shelter.

As you see on the photos, Danica's old cat, Icuka, is really on her last legs. She is old, but also very sick, and Danica is trying to make sure she is not suffering, at least.

Some get just old, and die easily, some get old and very sick, like people. Not fair.


Midori said...

My eldest cat, Elf, passed away in July this year at the age of 19. I miss him very much but very glad that he had a long and happy life. All we can do is love and give them the best care we can. Love to Icuka and Danica and all the kitties.

Midori and kitties

cristinagps said...

Just a quick note to say welldone for the work you are doing for these animals. Thank God there are people like you.

Cristina, Oxford UK