Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear friends and donors,

Danica and the kitties are freezing! People who were supposed to finish a lot of things regarding heating ,stove putting, and electricity, simply did not do it yet! It is extremely hard for a lonely woman to deal with workers over there, and they simply keep on procrastinating forever, after, of course, taking advances!

Danica says she is dreaming about the spring.

Also, many kitties get colds, and if you do not help them immediately, it gets worse... Archie is having some kind of seizures, and Danica is very worried about him. He is seeing vet for that this week.

Danica is really grateful for every donation.

Thank you all.


Angela P. said...

Thank you for the update, I hope Danica stays strong and the kitties too! I send in a monthly donation sponsor and will do the beg of January.

dusha said...

Kad bi svako ko procita ovo uplatio bar simbolicnih 100 dinara bilo bi lakse.. Sutra ujutru uplacujem nesto novca sigurno! Pozdrav i sve najbolje vam zelim!