Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poli & Esca, sisters

These two kitties arrived to the shelter a few weeks ago, after being found on the street. One of them (named Poli) was hit by the car and therefore couldn't walk, although she could hold onto her hind legs a little bit - presumably she was in pain every time she tried to get up. She's much better now, although she can't walk properly yet. She might have some undiscovered problem with her hips. The other one (Eska) was apparently healthy when she arrived, yet scared and confused. She had probably seen what happened to Poli and was desperately trying to protect her. When they were found, Esca was covering Poli with her body. They're both safe now, though Esca has an eye infection and is under therapy. At least, none of them fears for the other one any more. Esca's name derives from escudo, Spanish word for shield.

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Angela P. said...

So sweet, thank you for helping them!