Thursday, September 29, 2011

Archi - the youngest to arrive

Luckily, Archi doesn't know what the life on the street looks like, due to the fact that he was placed in my care at the shelter not much after he'd been born. From such a tiny kitty with the strong will to live, a little fighter who used to empty his milk bottle in a heartbeat, he grew up to be a very handsome fellow. He was closely bound to me for a long time, he literally couldn't stand to be apart, but now he becomes more independent every day. He's got a lot of new friends, and two sweethearts so far (a real seducer)! Presently, he spends his time in the yard playing, chasing other cats and resting.


Angela P. said...

Thank you for sharing about Arci, I didn't know his full story as google translate isn't really good and I only know English. He is such a cutie!!! :-)

Patrick said...

Everytime I read about stray kitties I get the urge to pick my two up and hug them.

You are an amazing person for taking them in and caring for and loving them. Bless you and the work you do.