Saturday, February 4, 2012

All's well that ends well

Zveka Bleka was barely two months old when he appeared, skinny and dirty, in front of the building I lived in. A tiny little kitten, whose eyes were still blue, approached me on a summer evening yowling at the top of his lungs. He was terribly hungry but distrustful of people and didn’t let me catch him. Nonetheless he kept coming for dinner until he disappeared, ten days later.

Over the next few weeks I was combing the area but found no trace of him. I looked everywhere to no avail, but I never gave up hope. It may sound strange but somehow I knew he would come back. And he did. He turned up in front of my garage, thinner than ever and when he saw me he ran and jumped into my arms. I took him inside and he didn’t want to go out for months, cautious and mistrustful of new people but tightly bonded to me. Though initially weak and bow-legged, he grew up into a real beauty.

Zveka Bleka was about a year old when he disappeared again and had me worried sick before he finally emerged, seemingly out of nowhere, after a week. When he returned I decided enough was enough so took him into my apartment and he began to live a life of ease. None of my cats ever hissed at him, neither he growled at anyone. They all got along amazingly well.

Being curious and active by nature, Zveka Bleka always enjoyed going outside. Moving to the shelter was the best thing that could happen to such a playful and adventurous kitty. He is still distrustful towards new people but completely relaxed and calm in the company of his friends. Joyous and carefree, here he has everything a cat could ever want.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We love happy stories. He is a handsome kitty.

Angela P. said...

He is very handsome and thank you!

Midori said...

Thank you for sharing the stories of the cats at the shelter! It is so good to know each cat's story. Thank you for caring for the kitties!

Kind regards,

Midori and kitties