Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just another story of love

One summer’s day three years ago I found Augusta as a two months old kitten in front of my garage. Almost as soon as she entered she singled out Oset as her companion and they became inseparable. Augusta was licking him all the time, they were snuggling, cuddling and playing with each other. They were super cute together. Both of them survived panleukopenia.

When Oset disappeared a few months later Augusta was devastated. She stopped eating, lost weight and started to spend most of her time staring at nowhere. Months passed and she kept waiting, I couldn’t console her no matter what I tried. Nevertheless I was sure he was alive somewhere and never gave up looking for him. When a friend of mine called me a few months later and told me about her new pale ginger kitty who didn’t like fish I knew it was him. Augusta was beside herself with joy when she saw him again and he was equally happy. I kept them in my apartment.

We moved to the shelter and I thought their romance would last forever. Their life was like a fairy tale. Then suddenly, out of the blue, with absolutely no warning, Oset died unexpectedly. Augusta was completely shattered and heartbroken. She didn’t seem to know how to move on, she spent weeks grieving for him. And she never got over her loss. Estranged from other cats, she became a real loner. She is always on her own, probably dreaming of her lost love and there’s no way to comfort her. Her sadness is infinite. She will miss him forever.

“Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon, and a horizon is nothing save the limits of our sight”.


Jodie said...

Love to you and yours sister. I wish I could give her a hug too.

Anonymous said...

My eyes are full of tears, you pour your soul into your stories! Bless you.

Angela P said...

Wish I could give her a big kiss and hug, too! Thank you for sharing this endearing story of lost love.