Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A rare golden beauty

Farrah is the most recent addition to my shelter. This golden beauty was found on the street, sick, horrifyingly thin and scared beyond words. She was obviously a stray, who somehow ended up in a place where six cats were killed by roaming dogs in just one night. I had no other choice but to step in.

A visit to the vet revealed that Farrah had calicivirus, so quarantine measures have been implemented. She was terrified of other cats and being alone suited her. After four weeks of medical treatment she was declared healthy and I slowly introduced her to resident cats. All of them were very friendly towards her, they were always around and she started to relax little by little. She still didn’t seem eager to leave her cage yet she was becoming more self-confident every day.

When I took Farrah to be spayed, it turned out she had pyometra which would’ve killed her if her uterus wasn’t promptly removed. It was only then that she started to flourish. And she finally got out of her cage and joined other kitties in the yard. She is getting more and more beautiful day by day and she knows she is safe and loved. Nothing more, but also nothing less.


Angela P said...

Farrah is so beautiful.

Mica said...

Thank you for helping Farrah will be donating to your shelter through paypal. Love and best wishes for helping these cats.Mica.