Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Repairs in full swing!

Repairs at Felix Shelter began a couple of weeks ago. A lot of building material has arrived, more is on the way. Backyard leveling is in progress. It’s pretty busy at the construction site, with trucks filled with gravel, sand and cement arriving one after another, with workers laying a steel frame in place before pouring the concrete and kitties inspecting all the work that’s being done.

Right now, a large portion of cracked concrete has been removed and everything’s ready for an application of a new concrete layer. If the weather permits, it will be done tomorrow.

After finishing the backyard, if nothing comes up, workers will begin to repair the roof. Support columns will be placed in order to hold up the eaves. More building materials, timber and tiles are yet to be bought. That’s why I made a project on a German fundraising website and you are welcome to check it out.

Will you please help us complete all the work that is needed? We simply cannot do it without your support.

Thank you all in advance for any kind of help you may be able to provide!


Angela P. said...

Great news, I hope people donate, I know I will be, thank you for caring and loving all the kitties!

Elfling said...

Yay, so glad things have started!!

Mica said...

Yes good news I will also be donating. Bless you Danica!