Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nothing is ever what it seems...

Well, D-day has finally arrived. The roofing repairs began yesterday morning. There’s obviously something horribly wrong with the roof - as soon as the workers started to fix it, a hole opened in the kitchen ceiling. The entire roof structure is worn out and some of the roof rafters are half rotten. There’s a crack in the major roof support beam which holds up the middle portion of the roof and carries the load. Plus everything needs to be fixed before winter!

The strengthening of the roof structure will be done by installing additional support. There is another problem with the eaves that will need to be replaced entirely. All of the cats from that part of the backyard are now kept indoors and are not really delighted with the idea. If nothing goes wrong, the wire mesh will be attached to the eaves just under the roof by Sunday evening, so my kitties will regain their freedom. Won't you take a look at our project?

However, supporting the existing roof is just a temporary solution. I hope to replace the entire roof next year, thus solving the problem once and for all. Please, help me share my story far and wide! There’s got to be someone out there somewhere who is willing to help us!

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Anonymous said...

Noted and donated. Good luck and hugs to all the animals!