Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Unwanted Ones - Urgent Help Needed!

This poor mother cat was a stray. When she felt she was ready to give birth, she just rushed into a pizzeria in Belgrade and had her five kittens. All of them were not really welcomed by the owner and his guests. They had been put in a box and temporarily left there, endangered from the beginning. A nice couple of cat lovers brought them food, yet they were all in high risk of being dumped on the street, where their chances of survival would be literally zero. Luckily, a friend of mine provided them with a safe place to be until the next day, when all of them were brought to my shelter.

They now have good food and a clean cage, with all of the necessary equipment, in a separate room. All of the little guys are growing, and their Mom can finally take care of them with no fear and no worries. I still can’t determine their genders, so they’ve been given gender neutral names. You’re welcome to meet my new kitties: Mommy Alethe and her babies Fran, Echo, Ziggy, Ozzie and Zephyr.

We’ve discovered a big problem today- either the mother cat’s milk has dried up, or she just isn’t producing enough. All of the kittens need to be supplemented and kitten milk replacement is necessary! Could you please help? Alethe and her babies cannot speak for themselves, but I’m sure they would be boundlessly grateful!


Angela P said...

Thank you for helping them, poor Mama and babies. You do wonderful work~sent my donation early.

Elfling said...

Aww, preciouses! Sent something yesterday, let me know if it didn't get there.