Friday, November 30, 2012

An Additional Member of the Team

The deliberate poisoning of stray cats is a stealthy, cowardly and horrific act of cruelty and must be regarded as such. What kind of sick mind can kill completely harmless animals in the most heinous ways and let them die an agonizing death without a single
hint of remorse? However, as evil as it gets, it’s been happening with frightening frequency in many Serbian towns over the years. That’s exactly what happened to a cat colony that Prekica had once lived in.

She was already a fully-grown kitty when I met her for the first time. She was cuddly and affectionate but has never liked to be held or to have her head touched. There were many cats living there together and I used to bring them food every day,
but after the poisoning I decided to take the surviving ones with me. Nevertheless, Prekica and a black tomcat kept returning to their familiar surroundings and the only thing I could do was to feed them there.

Being lovable and
sweet, Prekica was a personal favorite of a man who worked in the neighborhood so she used to spend most of her time with him and didn’t roam around very much. And yet, he went home in the evening every day, so she remained there all alone and unprotected. When we were about to move to the shelter, I picked her up and named her Prekica, short for the name Prekobrojna, which means Supernumerary.

Prekica is quite unique looking, she is kind of tortoiseshell with
the tabby pattern and she could best be described as a tabby tortie, or torbie. She enjoyed her life in the shelter from the beginning, as her way of living is also unusual – she keeps to herself, but when she is in the mood for a cuddle, she just snuggles with everyone. She has liver problems and FUS and should be on a special diet, but she hardly ever wants to eat medical food and yet she’s not getting any worse.

Prekica is definitely a content and happy kitty, if I’ve ever seen
one. She is quite easy to live with, non-intrusive but loving and nice. She hasn’t had a good life while she was living on the street, none of the stray kitties have, but she somehow chose to have a calm mind and a joyful heart and is able to spread happiness and positive
vibes to the others in every possible way. As if she succeeded in finding peace and serenity in the world she might have not always understood, she now radiates affection and grace from her entire being. And that’s exactly what makes her so charming and so unique.

"The dog may be wonderful prose, but only the cat is poetry."

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Lisa said...

She's a beauty! Thank you for everything that you do!