Friday, November 16, 2012

Someone Brand New

We all get excited and delighted when we have something new, except when it comes to an animal rescue and it's not a something but a someone who arrives as an addition to an already huge existing tribe. I can't really say I’m exactly bursting with joy whenever I find a new kitty, as it means there’s one more mouth to feed and one more fragile body to nurse back to health. However, somewhere deep inside I can’t be anything but happy to know that another little one got a chance, regardless of all the problems and challenges ahead. Novotarija appeared as the last one
in a series of new kitties that had been found one after the other over that year and a rough translation of his name would be “novelty”.

He came to me as a tiny five-month-old kitten. He was extremely distrustful
and shy and it took him almost half a year to be able to relax in my presence. I had no idea what had been happening to him while he was living somewhere out there, all alone. His experiences obviously were not pleasant, as he always shunned people and walked
around with cautious steps, ready to flee at a second's notice. He became lovable and cuddly with me later on, yet he was extraordinary and beautiful from the beginning.

Before we all moved to the shelter, Novotarija was living
in my garage. He got into the habit of going out for a walk frequently, but he was always very careful not to approach anyone. It wasn’t unusual for him to get scared of people and dash into some basement in the neighborhood where he would regularly get
locked in and would remain trapped until I managed to locate him and succeeded in persuading my unwilling neighbors to unlock the door to get him out. He’s always been somewhat quieter and calmer than all of the other kitties his age, he gave the impression of
being a wise, gentle and noble little guy, a bit frightened and skittish, but special nevertheless. All of his friends were boisterous, rowdy and full of youthful energy but he always kept his distance and wasn’t overly close with anyone.
Since we came here, Novotarija has changed a lot and not a single trace of his old fears has remained with him. He is now cuddly and sweet with everyone, he radiates contentment, confidence, love, and shines with his own unique light. His cute
little face is still the same, adorned with bright and stunning eyes that are reflecting serenity and ancient wisdom that only contented and loving creatures can have. He might not be a “novelty” anymore but he will always be my gorgeous, dazzling and precious
little friend.

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Angela P said...

Novotarija and your shelter are both so lucky to have found each other. What a beautiful story