Saturday, June 23, 2007

I have talked to Danica on the phone today. Money is really scarce, and the guy who used to go to Hungary once a month for different stuff, and also used to bring Danica a lot of cat food and medicine, for half a sum she would have to spend in Novi Sad for that - does not go any more ...Also, two food companies that used to donate her some meat and fish, stopped their donations.
The little money I give her can not cover it, for there is always another surgery or neutering to pay for.
This young fellow, Okac, have had two eye operations already, but now has breathing problems, and his lungs, vet said, are filling with water. It is very important to mention here that in all these years , since Danica has undertaken this effort to provide a shleter for homeless kittties in Novi Sad - she had to put to sleep only ONE cat! She is unbeliavable : I think it is her faith , her unconditional love and devotion, the strength of her nerves, and persistance! She simply fights until all possibilities are explored. But, she says, I had no option. If I can save a cat's life, I will do it.

Anyway, here is little Okac. Very sick. She keeps him inside, because, she is afraid that the kids will hurt him (she hates summer, for all the kids are out in the streets). If you would like to virtually adopt Okac and help pay for his surgery, or if you would consider virtually adopting any of the cats Danica so selfishly cares for - please send me an e mail.

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