Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here are two little girls, Futka & Tufnica, after they had been neutered. Both of them were found one day in front of Danica's building, as kittens. Tufnica was sick for a long time - she used to vomit and have diarrhea all the time - but finally Danica figured out what might work - human medicine. My friend Adnan from Sarajevo, Bosnia, whose cat had similar problems,simply gave her one quarter of the human diarrha pill every day for a week! It worked. However, Danica could not find the pills in Novi Sad, so Adnan bought it in Sarajevo, and sent it to Danica. It worked with Tufnica too!

Danica has been trying to find permanent homes for these two, but in vain... It is hard to find a good home for a homeless animal.

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