Thursday, July 3, 2008

It sounds like a bad dream

Danica was hit by a man on a motorbike , while on her new bike. It is so unbelievable, so horrible, so sad. What on Earth is going on?! Being knocked down twice from her bike in , like two weeks?!

Of course, in order to prevent any damage to the bike, she got hurt. The guy on the motor bike never stopped.

It is so scary, and so sad.

I will keep you posted on her condition. She is not in the hospital, but she really badly hurt one leg, trying to save her new bike, that she bought with the donations from her dear friends. And she has enough even to buy that baby bike thing, the cart you attach to the bike, all closed, perfect for taking cats to the vet. But, her joy had to be spoiled.

Well, the bike is fine. She will get better and then she will get the bike cart. Better time is coming.

The photos are old. The top one is female named Arlekinka, who disappeared couple of weeks ago.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry tohear of Danica's accident, wow, I don't even know what to say. I am hoping to be able to send some money in the next week, should be a nice check if my commissions for June work out as they should! It has been a long time since I could contribute and it has made me sick with guilt.