Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some news from the shelter

Well... Danica's computer does not work again, so I have no new photos of the kitties. Bad news: Zlatan's legs are badly wounded, but successfully treated at the vet this morning, and he will remain on antibiotics for some time. Danica says it looks like somebody hurt him on purpose.

Also, Icuka, one of the oldest Danica's cats, very sick, but she says it is from old age and not much can be done. Danica is just making sure Icuka is not in pain; Okac with his sick eye....And little Gingarello had a bad respiratory infection, but is being treated.

Good news: with the generous donations from Danica's donors Diane and David, she paid a lot of vet's bills, and ordered some food from Hungary.

I am now just waiting for her computer to start working - in the meantime, older photos of Zlatan, Icuka (with Tufnica), Okac, Gingarello, and a blind kitty I encountered with my family while vacationing and was feeding her; we are on our way trying to help that little one come here, and have some serious doctor's help.
p.s. We call her Pindling.

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