Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here are some new photos and new kittens... and no cart for now

Danica managed to send me photos of a new kitten (under the car) whose both back legs are , basically , missing. She does not want even to speculate what might have happened there, but she took her to the vet immediately, and got her some help (although the wounds were far from fresh, and the kitten did not seem to be in pain).

There are also several new healthy kittens (all black for some reason), and Danica is trying her best to keep up. However, the cart for the bike I was going to buy and mail, is out of question now. She badly needs money for the vet bills, and extra food, so I had to send her money today. She will have to take the legless kitten upstairs, at least for now.

Other pictures are old, regular shelter tenants.

Also, as you can see, Okac's eye has taken for the worse. It seems that only little naughty Gingarello is fine (the one sleeping carelessly)

Danica is trying to keep up her spirits, but is not easy.

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