Sunday, August 31, 2008

Urgent help needed!

Dear friends!

There are several new kittens at Danica's little shelter - actually 8 of them. They are all very small, one is sick and being treated with antibiotics (the yellow stripe one), and among them is the one without back legs, that had a surgery - I talked about that poor girl in my last post.

I just sent donation,but there is only as much as I can send. She urgently needs more money for the vet's bills! Please, whoever can help, do so as soon as you can! The situation is really dire.

All those kittens are small and helpless. I am posting pictures of several of them , including the one without legs, whom Danica brought up into her apartment. She will have to keep her, because of her condition.

Danica says it seems that somebody simply dropped a box of kittens in front of the shelter - cause one morning (about two weeks ago), they were all there, out of nowhere.

Thank you all so much in advance for anything you can help with!

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