Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Computer is working...

So, it means new pictures...Chris, the white angel, is neutered; Milka Penzionerka (which means that she is pretty old, for the word means Pensioner), had her little teeth broken by someone (or whatever happened), and it was such a pain that Danica had to have her sedated and undergo operation. Most of her teeth had to be pulled out. Fortunately, she is very close to Danica, and has been living there all her life, so she knows she should not go anywhere, and will be fed properly.

Also, Zlatan, whose both legs were wounded, had vet treatment, and is now feeling little better.

Frca, one of Danica's favorite cats ever (she does not know why - she just loves her very much), disappeared weeks ago, and Danica was very sad. Needless to say - she felt deep inside Frca is alive, and she found her! Pretty far from the shelter , too. Danica believes that Frca probably tried to shelter herself from one of the bad summer storms recently, got into some basement, and was not able to come out.

Danica heard her crying when she was in a different neighborhood, starting calling her like crazy, and there she was! If she was stuck - how come she got out hearing Danica's voice? And if she was not stuck, why did not she came back home? It is kind of mystery, but Danica is so happy to have her back. Frca is almost emaciated.

At the end I attached a photo of a pet cart I will be getting soon and sending over to Novi Sad. Thanks to Danica's friends and donors, she will get something else then food and medicine!

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