Saturday, September 13, 2008

How bad can it get?

Danica has pneumonia. She has been very sick, and there is no one to help with the cats. Fortunately, she has a friend who is a doctor, and is keeping an eye on her. She also gave Danica all medication needed.
Danica still manages to go to the shelter every evening and feed them, and clean as much as she can. Now she is able to do that, but for the first few days was not. Also, some of the cats are still on the therapy...

A donation from a friend came, and she has another one promised.

On the pictures are mostly new kittens, and another male who was just neutered.

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buttonbistro said...

Hi, there! The situation in Novi Sad Shelter is heartbreaking!!

I'd like to help the shelter!

I have a small pinback button store on Etsy and I'd like to make several pinback buttons (they can be magnets too) featuring cats from the shelter and your blog address (I think that might spread words about your blog and the shelter). And I'd like to donate any money gained from selling those buttons.

You can check my store on Etsy by going:

If you are interested, please email me at:

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Thank you and hang in there!!