Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sad news

The little kitten with brown and yellowish spots, the really tiny one - has died. She contracted some very bad virus (upper respiratory), and she was so tiny, that nothing could save her.

When Danica was coming back from the vet, crying, there was a new kitten , blind in one eye, in front of the shelter.

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Anonymous said...

God help us all. The sad news just keeps piling up. Tomorrow at 3:30 PM I will bring my little man Otis to be euthanized; he is 15, and he has pretty much shut his systems down, not eating, barely able to walk straight, it is time for him to go. I am so sad I have not been to work since yesterday morning, will not go back until next week. My business is moving pets, so it will be difficult for me to talk about anyone else's pets without thinking of O and crying like a baby. Other than that, everything is great. Please, may we all hang tough and fight the good fight, we have no chioice but to press onward, not one step back.