Thursday, September 4, 2008

After a short and promising period - a very hard road ahead, full of kittens

I know it is sad, and almost hard to believe - but all of these are new kittens. There are, though, more then one picture of the same kittens, plus new pictures of the kitty with no back legs, called Milancica. Most of these are healthy, but not all of them, and several are alredy under some kind of vet therapy.

Dear friends, Danica does not know how she will pay vet bills at the end of this month. Even if I manage to send another donation in September, it will be only $200. and that is not enough. So, urgent help would be highly appreciated.

On the photos you see kittens at the vet, being bathed, and Milancica playing - she is getting much better. It was not only her legs that had to be examined, the wounds cleaned - it was also that she had to have a colon operation, but she is really fine.

On top of all this there is a cat that looks very sick ( she looks so miserable that I am not even posting a photo of her), and Danica is trying to help her. She is in a lot of pain because, as Danica says, it looks like she had kittens, but then her breasts inflamed..

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