Thursday, January 29, 2009


Dear friends & donors,

There is a so called open group (free to everyone to join)on Facebook, devoted to collecting money for Milance's new surgery . Apparently, they will have to remove the stumps completely from the back, because it causes infections all the time - the little one is relying on them, and there is not enough muscle to support it, so the bone keeps on piercing the skin.

Of course, whoever can, may donate through this blog and I will send money to Danica - the thing is, the money that I send to her goes for the routine vet visits, and food.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Do you know the Cat Blogosphere?
It's a community of blogging cats and their families, and they are always trying to help cats in need. A quick note to them about the shelter and Milance's immediate need would be acceptable. They will not collect money but direct donors to the blog with the Paypal button.

I was invited to the Facebook group and plan to join. I can not give at this time, but I can spread the word.
Victor & Nina's Mom

ML said...

Auntie Deb and Mommy ML recommend Alley Cat Allies, they are located in Bethseda Maryland. Let us know if you need additional info.

David said...

I can't understand Serbian either, but some of those posts looked very ... emotional, so I was very interested in seeing what it was all about. You can too!

Go here:

Enter Milance's webpage address in the box.
Change 'Spanish' (default value) to 'Serbian' and press 'Translate'.

It's not 100% but you can usually get the main point of what is being said.

The Lee County Clowder said...

That scam was mean, deliberately mean. Do you have any information about them?

If nothing else, some publicity might keep them from doing the same thing to some one else.