Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Karen and all of Danica's donors and friends: Plavkan was never found. People from that area , animal lovers, organized the search, but everything was in vain.

Danica suspects, judging by everything that had happened , and all the conversations they had ( I am not bothering you with the details), that these people sell the cats!!!The reason Danica thinks this is that those same people called her earlier too, asking to adopt a cat or two, but, listen to this: the one that supposedly has a pedigree (they always asked about either Russian blue, or Persian, or some other breed).

Danica never really liked the whole idea, but this time she simply let go, because she thought she has no right to keep any of her cats if they can be adopted into a good home. As we say it: no good deed goes unpunished.

She can only hope that Plavkan was sold into a really good home. That is all she can do now.

Needless to say, Danica is still very upset, and sad. She is also overtired, and blames herself.

Zlatan, in the meantime, has a very bad limp, and the vet said that the leg is not broken, but that a nerve in the leg died (?!) She is nourishing him, and currently keeping him in the cage, to rest.

So here are pictures of Zlatan, and also a small video where you can see him, with his little hanging leg. On that video you will see another cat who looks like Plavkan, Juca Stuca, who is very sad for her lost friend.


Anonymous said...

This is so distressing. I wish there was some way to get the truth out of those false animal lovers.

But I will, along with all of you, just hope that Plavkan has a good home now. Russian blues are very expensive to buy, so this works in his favor. My two sweet boys are Russian blues--I adopted them as adults so didn't have to pay for them, but I've done lots of research on the breed and it's quite amazing what a cat like this can cost. Sad that a living, loving being can have a monetary value attached, but in this case I hope it will be an advantage for Plavkan.

So sorry that Danica has had to go through this, and that after all she does for these poor creatures that she only ends up feeling bad about this one.

All my best,


button bistro said...

This is such sad news. Please let Danica know that we are all praying for her and her cats and hope thru this bizarre and sad event, Plavkan found a loving forever home.

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button bistro =^.^=