Friday, September 11, 2009

Milance wants to say Thank you

Dear donors,

Although I personally send a Thank you e mail to every single donor, I just want to say another Thank you to all of you who rushed to send money for Danica's sweet little boy. I also want to say that I will be out of the country for little less then a week, so I will not be able to post,but for updates during that time you can go to Facebook, and type in Milance, or Felix-Mace, and that is where Danica will be posting some news and photos.

In the meantime, here is an update: his open stump is steal healing, and there is no reason for seeing a vet surgeon yet, although Danica is in connection with the Belgrade doctor. She just has to wait, but, it means additional goings to the vet's office, hissing, spitting, screaming, being scared.. If he would just knew that it for his own good, poor little kitty.
There is a chance that he may be donated a kind of kitty wheelchair, through a non profit group form New Hempshire, and Danica has to apply. That would be something!

I am posting the fresh video from the vet ( no peeing or pooping, but a lot of hissing), and a very nice video of him at home, trying to relax in his little cage/bed, and eating crunchies. Other kitties are curious to see their sick friend and they gather around, while Danica does mushy talk to him - very cute.

Again, thank you so, so much, for helping Milance and Danica!

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mozda said...

pozdrav, mackoljudi :)
zanimljivo mi izgleda da to sto radite. rado bih dosao neki dan kada sam u novom sadu (inace sam iz beograda) da malo fotografisem macke i prostor ili bilo sta sto mislite da je tu zanimljivo. inace se bavim fotografijom, unesto i profesionalno, pa verujem da bi vam neke od tih fotografija mogle koristiti za promociju ili prosto kao uspomene, ako vam se svide. naravno, dao bih vam sve sto uslikam, a da ja mislim da je dobro u visokoj rezoluciji, bez nadoknade. moja motivacija je prosto to sto mi situacija deluje zanimljivo i lepo.
moj mail je

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