Friday, September 4, 2009

Urgent help needed!

Slowly, but surely, one of Milance's legs lost its skin at the end of the stump, and the bone protruded. He was bleeding, and in lot of pain. Danica rushed him to the vet this morning, they had put him on the antibiotic (afraid of the infection), and painkillers, and he is little better now ; however, the vet in Novi Sad said Milance at this point either needs a serious veterinary plastic surgery, or needs to be put to sleep. The vet also said that she is not sure anybody in Serbia can do such operation.

Danica says she can not put him to sleep, and does not have possibility for surgery.

She will take him to the vet in Belgrade on Monday, or Tuesday (her car is broken).

The thing with Milance is, Danica says, that he is very, very shy, hates everybody than Danica, and trust only Danica. He is pure horror to handle at the vet.

"He trusts me so much, and can not put him to sleep, his eyes would probably haunt me till my death", she told me.

I posted three films, and I want to warn you that the first one is hard to watch, when the vet is treating his stump this morning . I can not say it is graphic, they are just trying to help him the best they can, but it is, honestly tough to watch. And he is not a pleasant patient.
The other two are when he was back in his little bedding, calmed.
The photos are all, obviously, after the treatment this morning, at home.


Midori said...

Poor dear little Milance! And poor dear Danica to deal with such worries.

Thank you for telling us the news about Milance. I hope there will be good news soon.


Midori and kitties

vrti said...

Milance, you have my love and support!

Brian said...

My sisters Sascha, Gracie, Zoe & I are all purring for Milance. You are a precious little critter!

Aida said...

Dear Danica, Dear Milance, I am so sorry that both of you have to go through this torment and hell because some Two-Legged Monster had to get his "jollies" by savagely cutting off Milance's limbs. I hope you BURN IN HELL, you BASTARD!

Danica, I can only send a few dollars because I have been unemployed since October, but I will be selling some of my clothes soon and will send you the proceeds.

Thinking of Both of you!

Aida and her Kitties

button bistro said...

I’m so heart-broken to hear Milance’s condition. I have been worried this for some time because I read somewhere that cats (animals in general) will try to walk on their stumps (always raw from frictions and walking on them). In the article I read, they recommended amputating at the hip joint eliminating stumps completely. Is this going to be the surgery??

I’m so sorry that I am unable to make my donation this time. I’m not struggling right now, but after paying all the bills, I am left with nothing at this moment. However I will have small fund ready at the end of this month. Meanwhile, I promise you that I will promote and tweet your blog.

Please keep us updated with Milance’s condition. Do not loose hope!! We are all praying for Milance, rest of gangs, you and Danica.

button bistro said...

La souffrance de Milance et de Danica me sont insupportable. Je n'ai malheureusement pas d'idée quand à savoir quoi faire sinon verser un peu d'argent en espérant ainsi aider Milance à avoir les meilleurs soins. said...

n'est-il pas possible de lui fabriquer une espèce de botte ou de chaussure afin de préeserver son moignon ? not possible to make him a boot to protect his leg ?
Think about him....