Monday, March 1, 2010

Many at the vet

Six kitties are sick, and on some kind of therapy. Six of them! Among those with more serious conditions is Sugi, recently rescued, who has kidney problems, and Tabadzija, old shelter's tenant, who all of a sudden could not move his back legs (Danica suspects that somebody hurt him recently, probably a human, hitting him on the back). All the photos are attached, and bad luck keeps on staying with the shelter for now, but Danica is taking it with hope and trying to stay positive.

As to the new shelter being constructed of that donated cottage - well, if there was enough money, it would be finished faster, but it goes very slow, and with many obstacles. No wonder, it is stressful to do any construction, especially if there are not enough funds. The little sweet note: Danica will name her shelter, once finished, Milance, in memory of the little legless kitty she loved so much.

The friends/donors were pretty generous , and she thanks you for that profusely! The most of the money will go to the vet now, with those six sick, but again Danica is staying positive, because what if there was no money for that!?

Thank you!

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Elfling said...

Awww, preciouses! Much love for the kitties from me, and my kitties.