Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sugi better, and new , pregnant one...

Danica wanted me to share with you the news that Sugi has been much better.

Also, there is a brand new cat, very scared (hardly a surprise), but beautiful, and pregnant. Danica managed to catch her, give her de - worming medicine, and feed her, to next is visit to the vet, to see if she can prevent those kittens to be born, of course, if it is not too late.

The last batch is a male Danica found not far from her house some time ago. He likes to be fed, but does not like to be touched. Danica is doing her best to catch him because he has a collar (?!) that's already becoming too tight on him.

Danica is going this Saturday to see how the works at the new shelter are coming, and I will post new pictures and all the news, as soon as she sends them to me.


Elfling said...

Good news on finding a better transfer service!

So happy to see Sugi is better.

button bistro said...

Happy to hear Sugi's better and no other news to deliver (no news is good news).

Can't wait to see the New Shelter's progress!!