Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Shelter

Here are the pictures of the new shelter, where most of the outer work is done, but there is much left for inside, so that all the cats, together with Danica, can be safe and comfortable when they finally move in... Danica is a real hero, coping with it, and being persistent, and never giving up, although there is simply NO MONEY to just pay enough workers are get it done fast, and easy... Every little thing is painful, takes long, and there is one worker doing it all, and that is why so slow... but she does not give up, the same way she never gave up on all the poor, abused, abandoned, hungry strays. And I know that Danica's faithful friends and donors will keep helping.

You will notice a new fence being made around whole yard, and new roof, and many other things on the house itself...

On a different note, little beauty, called Utata, with huge , irresistible eyes, has had very bad respiratory infection, and is being treated with antibiotics . Remember, she was found as a kitten not that long ago (maybe close to a year, maybe even less, I can not remember).
Danica told me today that , since the weather was really bad to take Utata on the bike to the vet, and at the same time she did not want to spend money on gas, she asked the vet to drop by when going to the clinic, and he did, and gave little Utata an injection in his car! And then he said to Danica: with you and your cats I experience things that I have never experienced with any other people with animals. But I can not say No to you, he said, laughing.


Lampirella said...

The shelter looks better and better. Don't give up! We are here to help you! :)

Midori said...

The new shelter looks grand! Thank you for sharing photos!


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