Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally enjoying life

My new cat family is like it has been here forever. Mother cat already displays all her beauty, as well as her people friendly nature and sweet, lovable demeanor.She's constantly following me through the shelter, asking to be petted and gets along well with other cats.

Her son Jaki is getting bigger and bolder every day. He's extremely curious and keeps investigating everything and anything. I'd say he's growing into quite a leader, although there's fairly keen competition for the leadership role around here.

His little sister, Ani, is still rather shy, quiet and reserved, notwithstanding she is beginning to approach me and I believe that she too will become nice, amicable kitty when she relaxes a little bit more. After all they've been through, they're doing great.

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Angela P. said...

Aw, this is a nice story..thank you for helping them to have a nice happy life...bless you. :-)