Saturday, October 15, 2011

Injured kitties

Where there’re many cats, problems arise every day…
Decana had a huge hematoma on her left ear, that was operated on a few weeks ago. When the stitches were removed, it turned out that caro luxurians (proud flash) had formed, and further therapies were necessary so as to prevent possible complications. Given that Negro’s ear remained bent in half after the similar surgery, I wondered what that would look like in Decana’s case. Luckily, her ear stands upright, nevertheless the healing process is prolonged …I hope that everything ends well, it doesn’t look bad so far.
Little Esca, the protector of her injured sister, is also in trouble. Behind her right shoulder blade, an old wound was discovered, with surrounding area of necrotic tissue. Everything that had to be surgically removed was removed and now half of her fragile body is bandaged up. She’s being given injections every other day but she endures it stoically, she runs around and plays with her friends as if she were completely healthy. That kitty is a real hero! If “fortune favors the brave”, she should be OK too.
It’s getting colder every day, all the kitties are going out only when it’s sunny (on rare days of nice weather), and I fear that real problems are only just beginning…

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