Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bring joy to Felix kitties

Felix cats need your help! There are several ways to support almost 100 kitties from a private, no-kill, cage-free cat shelter in Serbia. Make a difference today!

If you care about Felix kitties, please consider donating as much as you can. The situation is difficult right now. Gas bills are mounting although the real cold weather hasn’t even begun. Last year, I took a loan to pay for the heating system and when it was finished I thought that my kitties’ health problems were over. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a solid fuel storage and the fuel itself was nowhere to be bought. I couldn’t keep the fire going all night, more than 30 cats were sick and the most delicate ones didn’t survive. It was necessary to install gas heating system which is much more efficient but it is not paid off yet.

Every cat lover knows cats are heat – seekers. Most of my kitties barely go outside these days, they all prefer to sit on radiators. Their rooms are comfortable and cozy and seeing them enjoying their time makes my heart sing. And I hope you can recognize this feeling, because I cannot cover all expenses without help of caring, benevolent people like you.

Winter is very harsh here, with lots of strong, icy cold and bitter winds. The outside night temperature was -13° C already and I fear that the worst is yet to come. I remember that last year’s lowest temperature reached 27° degrees below zero. Considering that I have almost 15 chronically ill kitties, and 25 older than 15 years, it’s essential to keep them warm. Please, help my kitties make it through the cold months. We can’t let them down now, can we?

My kitties and I have always been grateful for your unselfish support and are now, more than ever. Every donation counts!

If you’d rather virtually adopt one (or more) of Felix kitties, you can find their photos in my album Cats for virtual adoption (there's a link in the sidebar). All Felix cats need nutritious food and quality medical care. For 30 $ per month you can sponsor a kitty you choose (each cat can have multiple sponsors) and I’ll send you all the informations about and photos of “your” kitty on a regular basis. When you sponsor a cat, your donations are used to help all cats in my care.

You can make a difference!

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