Saturday, December 3, 2011

The price of a life

I came upon Cinco last year, while I was wandering through the market. One of pet food sellers was also selling three tiny kitties which were confined in a bird cage, 5 euros each. Shocked and appalled, I couldn’t believe my eyes! All kitties were sick and thin, desperate and totally helpless.

I knew I had to find a box somewhere before taking those kitties as I didn’t have a cat carrier with me. By the time I got back, two of the kittens had already been sold and Cinco was the only one left. Terrified and distrustful, that fragile emaciated calico kitty was the same age as my Archi. Needless to say I took her with me.
Cinco was horribly thin and full of worms and fleas, she also had an eye infection and persistent diarrhea. Her tail was broken in three places. She's been under treatment for months.

Archi and Cinco were inseparable from the start, playing, licking each other and sleeping together. Both of them were rather delicate and they needed special care, but they grew up into beautiful cats.

When I let them outside at the beginning of June they were thrilled and happy, a little bit confused but happy nonetheless. They adjusted to their new way of life rather quickly. Cinco is big and well rounded now, she has striking good looks and the personality to match. She isn’t friendly with strangers but she is cuddly with me, as long as I don’t show what she considers to be a lack of respect. Every time I try to give her any kind of medicine I know she’ll hold me in contempt for ages…

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Angela P said...

I remember seeing Cinco and Archi on your facebook profile when you first got them. I always thought Cinco was gorgeous, with those big round eyes and had pretty and unique face. I am so glad and happy they are doing fine with you and you saved Cinco from that terrible market!!