Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cat on the roof

A couple of years ago I saw a flyer in my neighborhood about a tomcat that appeared on the roof of an adjacent building. Nobody knows how he got there, I guess that he was thrown out of the roof door and left on the roof. He was terribly thin, distrustful and scared to death. Later on, I named him Juhu-hu.

I wanted to get him down instantly, but he was unapproachable. For almost ten days I have been feeding him up there. Ultimately, I managed to catch him and put him in the carrier. He was neutered nearly immediately and placed into my garage. Even when the door of his cage was open, he had no intention of going out.

A few months later we moved to the shelter and all of my cats, Juhu-hu included, discovered a beautiful new life of freedom. He was finally able to experience the joy of playing with no fear and the peace of sleeping with no worries. He became a big, powerful, bright, magnificent tomcat. Lately, he even lets me pet him…

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